2023 IVLP Courses Comes to an End: Thank You for Your Support!

The project aimed to provide primary and secondary students in Hong Kong and Macau with technology-focused lessons, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Augmented Reality  (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), alongside valuable leadership training.

The main objective was to nurture exceptional students who possessed advanced STEM knowledge and expose them to a variety of enriching study and leadership development opportunities. These students possess the ability to actively promote technology and STEM education, and as EdTech ambassadors, they can make significant contributions towards creating a sustainable impact in digital education

6 Online Classes


The online lessons were conducted through platforms including Zoom and CoSpaces, providing interactive and immersive learning experiences. These sessions covered various topics related to technology, leveraging AI, AR, and VR to engage and educate the students effectively. 

With nearly 150 active participants, the online courses successfully engaged a diverse group of students, sparking their interest in technology and promoting collaborative learning. Through hands-on experiences and discussions, students had the opportunity to explore the practical applications and implications of these technologies, gaining valuable knowledge and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.


4 In-person Physical Classes


The in-person classroom lessons were exclusively tailored for the ICE Challenge winners, providing them with personalized instruction and hands-on engagement. These sessions delved into advanced concepts and practical applications of the skills they had acquired. Through small-group discussions and presentations, the students actively participated in a collaborative and interactive learning environment.

To further enrich their learning experience, a guest speaker was invited to share their expertise, offering valuable insights from industry professionals. Additionally, a virtual tour was incorporated, allowing the students to explore and experience real-world applications of the skills they were developing. These immersive elements enhanced the depth and relevance of the lessons, creating a comprehensive and engaging learning journey for the students.

Guest Speaker: Mr. Tommy Truong

Tommy’s speech on Strategies for Building and Leading High Performing Teams was a valuable addition to the offline course. His wealth of experience as both a business owner and an educator allowed him to share valuable real-life insights with the students.

During his speech, Tommy shared practical strategies for fostering collaboration, effective communication, and creating a positive work environment within teams. These valuable insights not only benefited the students in their immediate academic context but also equipped them as EdTech ambassadors to work together and create impact beyond school settings. 



The 2023 IVLP Courses have undoubtedly been a resounding success, thanks to the commitment and support of various stakeholders. We extend our sincere appreciation to the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State for their invaluable support in fostering international collaboration and educational opportunities. Through their dedication, this event was able to create a sustainable impact on digital education, nurturing exceptional students and providing them with remarkable study and leadership development opportunities.