Privacy Policy

We, International Coding Education Foundation (“ICE Foundation”), respect the privacy rights of our visitors, our students and their parents/legal guardians (collectively, “Data Subjects”). We are committed to protecting the Personal Data (as defined below) by complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (the “Ordinance”) with respect to the management of Personal Data.

Our privacy policy is in compliance with the Ordinance as updated from time to time. Any changes to this privacy policy will become effective upon posting of the revised policy on this site.

  1. We (ICE Foundation and all our affiliated companies) may collect, retain and use necessary but not excessive personal data (as defined in the Ordinance) (“Personal Data”) of our Data Subjects, including but not limited to, names, contact details, residential address, email addresses, age, gender, passport or other identification document details, credit card information, marital status, income details, education background and any information provided by such Data Subjects (and/or their relevant persons (as defined under the Ordinance) (“Relevant Persons”) (as applicable)) or in relation to such Data Subjects pursuant to this privacy policy.
    • for operation, protection, enhancement, improvement and optimization of the services of ICE Foundation (including but not limited to, provision of classes, courses and products by us);
    • for daily operations of ICE Foundation (e.g. to process application forms, to maintain contact lists for communication, to organize events and activities);
    • for internal control and administration purposes relating to the general operations of ICE Foundation;
    • for security purposes (e.g. for identity verifications and record keepings);
    • for statistical and research purposes (e.g. to analyze and compile statistics data);
    • for compliance with legal obligations of ICE Foundation, for resolving legal disputes or otherwise for enforcement and protection of our legal rights;
    • subject to the prior consent of our Data Subjects and compliance with the Ordinance, for provision of promotion and/or marketing information (e.g. new courses and products provided by us or other third parties); and
    • for any other purposes relating directly to any of the aforementioned purposes.The Personal Data is collected from our Data Subjects (and/or their Relevant Persons (as applicable)) and is retained and used for the following purposes only. Please note that it is voluntary for our Data Subjects (and/or their Relevant Persons (as applicable)) to provide such Personal Data to us for the following purposes. However, if any Data Subject (and/or his/her Relevant Person (as applicable)) does not agree with any part of this privacy policy, then we cannot provide access to our website and our services to such Data Subject. We will seek prior voluntary and explicit consent from our Data Subjects (and/or their Relevant Persons (as applicable)) if the Personal Data of the relevant Data Subjects shall be used for any other new purposes.
  2. We provide Data Subjects with the right (i) to unsubscribe from all marketing communications; and/or (ii) to make a request for removal of their Personal Data from our storage by sending an email to [email protected] at any time.
  3. We may make Personal Data available to (i) our third-party service providers relevant to our events and activities; (ii) our data storage service providers; and (iii) our e-mail service providers for sending promotional and marketing information. We will take such practicable precautions to ensure that the Personal Data held by us or made available to the above-mentioned third parties are held, stored and protected in compliance with the Ordinance. We will also take practicable steps to ensure the Personal Data will not be kept longer than necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy. For avoidance of doubt, we are entitled to retain, process and use for an indefinite term and any purpose, any information, which albeit derived or processed from the Personal Data, is no longer capable of identifying the Data Subject.
  4. We will take practicable steps to ensure that the Personal Data is accurate, but it shall be the responsibility of each Data Subject to keep his/her Personal Data updated. We will take practicable steps to safeguard Personal Data from unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure, loss or use.
  5. In accordance with the Ordinance, the Data Subject (and/or his/her Relevant Persons (as applicable)) has the right to access, correct and update his/her Personal Data. Requests for access and correction of Personal Data should be addressed in writing and sent to our Data Privacy Officer by post to: C6, 14/F, Mai Wah Industrial Building, 1-7 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Ching or by email to: [email protected]. In order to protect the Personal Data, we will require all Data Subjects (and/or their Relevant Persons (as applicable)) to prove their identities in relation to their requests to access and/or correct their Personal Data. A reasonable administration fee may be charged for any such access.
  6. Any questions,comments, suggestions or information (other than Personal Data) posted or otherwise submitted to the site by Data Subjects will be deemed voluntarily provided to us on a non-confidential and non-proprietary basis. We reserve the right to use, reproduce, disclose, transmit, publish, broadcast and/or post elsewhere such information freely, including passing it to any associated company, for example, in connection with the development, manufacture, and marketing of products and services and to meet customer needs.